My Story

I was born in a little town on a cold and rainy summer day, unusual weather for this town statistically renown for being the sunniest town in Romania. Tom Sawyer was my imaginary friend albeit my courage and curiosity were never at his levels. My real friends Ioana, Adrian and Mihaela accompanied me playing: the doctor and naturopath pharmacist who were harvesting plants, drying them and prescribing to those in need; building a tree house; playing the archeologist who was discovering and studying sea shells in a construction site nearby and imagining how this land was in the ocean deep waters in ancient times; or the construction engineer who was carrying sand in a lorry; or playing with the cats and kittens of the neighborhood.

My inner journey started at the age of eight when I became aware of the existence of „something” ineffable who animates the physical body, a mind who gives commands to parts of the body to execute movements and actions, alongside inner emotions, feelings and sensations. Then the curiosity and passion to find more about the human being were born and the desire to become a doctor. Life was preparing me another route….however, more roundabout.

I graduated Faculty of Cybernetics at Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest and the Master of Art in Trans-cultural Studies at Free University Berlin, studies that seem not having a direct connection with my passion. I am grateful for having graduated these studies without which I couldn’t have developed the systemic integrative view of mind-body-soul-spirit which emerged later.

Then I graduated the Faculty of Psychology at Titu Maiorescu University, the Master in Integrative Psychotherapy (A.R.P.I) and the Master in Clinical Psychology (ACPPB). I pursued several trainings and programs: Relational Living Body Psychotherapy (Julianne Appel-Opper, Germany), Psychotherapy of Trauma (Albert şi Michelle Zandvoort,  Great Britain), Somatic Experiencing Therapy  (Giselle Genniard,  Great Britain), Cognitive- Behavioral Hypnotherapy for children, teenagers and adults (Viorel Lupu, Cluj, Romania), Psychosomatic approach of couple therapy (A.R.P.I), Quantic Integrative Psychotherapy (A.R.P.I.), Generative Trance (Stephen Gilligan, U.S.A), Mandalas of Light (Ramona Gherasim), Therapeutic approach of addiction (Alina Neagoe).

I also attended personal development programs and workshops: cognitive-behavioral personal development (Lucian Negoita and Cristian Manea), personal development through psychodrama (Nadia Cupsa), psychogenealogy – psychogenogram (Gabriela Popescu) and artgenogram (Madalina Groseanu), Transactional Analysis (Gabriela Popescu), Family Constellations (Gabriela Popescu), Family Constellations as ritual (Cornelia Nicola), Transpersonal Technics (Ana Maria Stefanescu and Lyudmila Scortescu), Sandplay (Daniela Marinescu), Birth Referential (Georges Colleuil), Active Dreaming (Robert Moss), Working with Archetypes (Mioara Olimpia), Human Design (Ioan Nistor), Genes Keys (Alexandra Chiru, Orlando Stoicescu and Adrian Constantinescu), Art Therapy (Adela Talpes), Brain Rewire and Mindfuless (Sarah McKay), Qigong – harmonizing human levels: psychic, physical, spiritual (Alexandru Pap), Sundao Technics (Master Yu), Practice of heart-brain coherence (Greg Bradden and Joe Dispenza), Biology of Beliefs (Bruce Lipton), Pre-birth Journey (Howard G. Charing), Psychosomatic detox, Inca technics for Return to Joy (Jorge Luis Delgado), Bach Flower Remedies, Apitherapy.

I worked many years in multinational companies in Romania and abroad and returned Home in 2015 from where I offer well-being and personal development consultancy for individuals and groups, in Romanian and English.